Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Cult of Bod!

Man, that Ian Ellery just blew my mind. He stuck a finger up my nasal-cavity reached in and swirled my brain around, like a swizzle-stick agitating the ice in a huge glass full of something like Martini with ice, metaphorically, of course, when he brought up Bod on the UK Cartoonists Forum.

You know, when I was younger, kids TV was pretty trippy. I mean, you think the Teletubbies is trippy? Come of it, they had really weird stuff, back in the day. Now Bod, Bod was weird by any standard, and seeing it now, it seems even weirder. I mean, I'm asking myself just how big an influence on modern culture Bod was. Was Sacha Baron-Cohen (Ali-G) a Bod fan? It sure looks like it.

And then there's Moby, and comedian Harry Hill, there's no way that they 'accidentally' look like Bod, if you ask me, there's some kind of universal media-type Bod cult going on out there.

Feel there is something missing in your life? Join The Cult of Bod - IF YOU DARE!

1 comment:

Ian Ellery said...

Well, as i'm due to have my head shaved later this month - in preperation for a Cartoon festival in Turkey - I consider myself as knocking on the hidden front door of the cult's secret volcano hideaway.

I'll let you know how the adventure progresses.