Monday, October 23, 2006

Burn Out

Hi Tim Harries. I can't understand why there's no link to you here. I was likely waiting to put it on the Cartoonfeind site and of course I haven't put the newer stuff up on that yet. This is a quick note about why that is:

I think I burned out this year. We had a bit of a medical broo-haha which was a great strain, and then my wife, who is a teacher, was on her Summer break, and well, I kind of joined in. Honestly, I was off for so long I was beginning to feel like a politician - except that they get paid for doing bugger all.

I've only really started work again this month, October. But to be honest I think I needed the rest. As a result I am healthier, I think, but as fat as a horse and as poor as a church mouse. I won't be taking that sort of extended break again unless it is forced on me (or unless I become a politician). Circumstances! They do say 'if you want to make God laugh, make a plan'.

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