Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Why create, when others can do it for you?

What's the difference between cartoonist David Kelly, and 'world-renowned artist' Todd Goldman'?

(Let me be honest, I'm not really a fan of David Kelly's cartoons, they are not my style, but they look more impressive artworks to me, than the stuff that Goldman produces - except when...well, read on...)

You don't know the answer, then maybe this will will enlighten you - this drawing is from Kelly's Purple Pussy, from his archive, from 2001:

And this is from a much more recent gallery collection by 'world-renowned' artist Todd Goldman:

I think I can spot one or two similarities. Of course the major difference is that 'world-renowned' artist Todd Golman gets a tasty six-figure sum for his, er, originals!

The following sites cover the story in more detail, and one or two even pick up on the apparent likeness of Goldman's Eve L to Roman Dirge's Lenore character. * A quick addittion: both my daughters are fans of Lenore and have some comics and stuff - Roman Dirge mentions the offender on his blog:

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