Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Leo Baxendale Space Trek artwork found!

I'm elated, well, as much as I can be given my problems in that area. You know that Albion Comic I'm in, well at least the cartoonist Rod McKie, which is the fictional and the real me is in - Albion #3, or the graphic novel (there's a post or two about it on here) - the one where I mention Leo Baxendale's Space Trek artwork? Well, I don't know if you've read about that escapade but I gave some of the artwork from IPC to Les Lilley, who wrote pages and pages of stories for IPC and who was at that point Chairman of the Cartoonist Club of Great Britain, to auction that night for charity. The person who bought the other page of Space Trek was cartoonist Nick Newman, who managed to outbid Jerry Banx. So, anyway, long story short, I moved home in the year 2000 and lost lots of artwork, until the other day when I found it stored at the back of our Linen Cupboard. I'm made up, here's a scan of my beloved Leo Baxendale page (it's about 17"x11"):


Paul Mason said...

Thanks for posting this artwork Rod, I just trawled about and someone has put up a copy of the printed page:-
Any other Leo Baxendale artworks about?!!

Rod McKie said...

Hey Paul, sorry I just looked in on the blog and caught your post. I love your Leo pages.