Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fair Puggled!

Fair Puggled means really tired (spellcheck wants it to be plugged or juggled, poor thing). It's a great phrase isn't it? I'm fair puggled today, I was up all night watching a Japanese quiz show that had cartoonists on it. It was odd and fantastic. It must be great to live in a country where cartoonists are celebrated. Puggled is a good Scottish word. Did you know there are around 15 million Scots in the US? That's astonishing, there's only ever 5 million here, in Scotland, at most. Millions of Irish people in the US too. I've been imagining everyone in the US of Scottish and Irish descent buying my book about Leith, because it's about people from both backgrounds. Anyway, if it happens, it won't change me. As long as you continue to be rich and famous and successful, I will always be your friend.

Some publishers are really, really, thick. No kidding. I've started to letter the first 100 pages of Sunshine on Leith and I've posted the introduction over on my Word Press blog, which will only be about the books I'm working on. I've done this SO NOBODY THINKS MY GRAPHIC NOVEL 'SUNSHINE ON LEITH' is comprised of my cartoons.


Fortunately we are all a great deal smarter than them. So I'll keep posting updates here. Did you read the Observer Book of Books the other week? Some authors make as little as £4,000 (about $8,000) a year from their books. Astonishing, isn't it? I have to say, I'm looking hard at the economics and as I haven't flashed my vagina getting out of a car and haven't slept with anyone in the public eye, or had my breasts reduced and don't really hate my parents, I'm going to get offered a real shitty advance and I'll have to make money from sales alone. I have to tell you, I'm seriously looking hard at, and considering Amazon's new plan. I can't see it being worse than most publishers offer - and Amazon operates the long tale - so maybe. We'll see. Time's are changing, some things are no longer unthinkable. Although Fantagraphics is distributing Chris Ware's latest book, he is publishing it himself. We live in interesting times.

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