Monday, June 16, 2008

Rod Blog at Forbidden Planet

Hey, Joe from the Forbidden Planet International blog emailed me to say that my first FPI post is online.

I'm hoping to post one or two pieces and reviews once we get the introduction posts out the way. - if the gang over at FPI will let me. Pop over and take a look-see.

The Forbidden Planet International Blog

(be prepared for a long stay, there's an awful lot of good stuff )


Mike Lynch said...

Congrats, Rod, on a terrific blog here and now on FP!

Rod McKie said...

Cheers Mike,

my email to you bounced back - fault at my side. I agree with everything you say.

You remember the green outside my window? It's gone, almost.

New flats, 3 floore high, about 150of them at about $1m+ each. Just thinking about the yuppies in their chelsea tractors moving here to be closer to their overprivileged brats in Fettes fills me with dread.

Irvine Welsh got the heck out of Leith when that same bunch moved in there.