Friday, October 10, 2008

Timetables and To Do lists

Another "to do" list. I think someone laughed once because they thought I was joking when I said I make myself a timetable, just like a school timetable. I really have to, or I feel things getting on top of me and I become bewildered. Cartoonists can't afford to become bewildered.

Everything has become more difficult because both my Flash drives have crapped out. I have work spread between two computers and I haven't set up a wireless connection so I'll have to work on stuff on the laptop and then send it to myself by email and then download it on the computer to finish it before doing whatever it is I'm going to do with it.

1. Finish The Ballad of Jack Palance, A Halloween Tale. I have half the story on the laptop and the other half on the computer, so it'll be fun, fun, fun. I've finished most of the pages, but I'm still colouring. It will certainly be ready for download in a hi-res pdf file and as a cbr file in time for Halloween.

That last sample page ends part one of the story, I lost the hi-res file, so I have to rescan it. Actually, I converted it to a low-res illo by mistake - must have been tired.

2. Get the stuff I promised to get to Christopher Duffy to him, even if I have to snail mail it - better late than never. Apart from knocking out a great blog and drawing his comics, Christopher finds time to edit the brilliant US edition of Nickleodeon Magazine, which is jammed full of cartoons and comics. You find a post about the mag' on this blog.

3. Send my comic strip. Which reminds me, chase up the Post Office. They tried to cheat me by charging me duty on stamps fro the US, which should be zero-rated. I want my money back!

4. I did a number of cartoons about the current economic situation recently, but I changed the punchline on this one. It was about a guy overdosing on Schadenfreude, but I've changed it into something worse.

I hope you have all photocopied your letters for all the High Street banks. You should send the letters out every week, telling them they have an unauthorised overdraft, and demanding the return of your money, and of course explaining that you are charging £35 for every letter, plus interest, etc.

5. I want to do some posts about European cartoonists, and I really want to do a post about Blake and Mortimer, including the B&M tribute issue of Tintin Magazine.

And I'd like to be sure to add something about Niklos Koda, which we don't discuss enough over here. It is a staggeringly gorgeous comic.


Anonymous said...

Pretty excellent detailed artwork on the Bee stuff Rod. Keep it really seem to be getting more and more prolific! Take care

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Rod McKie said...

Thank you. It may be a sign of mania though - that would mean a big black hole will swallow me up soon - or is that just the Hadron Pipe kicking off again?

There's a thought. In a parallel universe the artists are all moaning about cartoonists making all the moola:>)