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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't keep Flashpens in your Pocket!

Okay, this will probably interest nobody, but it does illustrate the new sort of problems we have to work around these days. My PC monitor died, just about one day after the warranty ran out, so at the moment I'm doing everything on a laptop. The laptop I prefer to work on (an older Photoshop with all my favourite filters) is above, on the right. Now the wireless connection works just fine on that laptop, but not on the one on the left (newer Photoshop but hardly any bells and whistles), and I can't get the one on the left online, and I can't hook it up to the one on the right. As a result, when I want to put artwork I have on the laptop on the left, online, I have to put it on a Flashpen and transfer it to the laptop on the right, and I do this often because I like to scan into the laptop on the left because it works harder than the one on the right.

Just the other day I scanned some artwork onto the laptop on the left, and then worked on it and saved it to my Flashpen, with the intention of transferring the finished work online using the laptop on the right. Then I put the Flashpen in my shirt pocket, promptly forgot about it, and the following day the shirt, complete with Flashpen, was put through the washing machine(about the third time I've done this).

Fortunately, I didn't delete the artwork from the laptop on the left, and as a result I was able to copy the artwork onto the large external hard drive, in the picture on the right of the laptop on the left, and then transfer it to the laptop on the right.

Trust me, that's a lot easier to do than it is to explain.


Eli Stein said...

Don't know what a Flashpen is, Rod, but your story got a laugh out of me.
Glad it worked out O.K.

Rod McKie said...

Hey Eli, nice to hear from you again. It's a tiny usb hard drive Eli, fits neatly into a shirt pocket, I'm sorry to say.