Sunday, April 17, 2011

In the Meantime, Here is the Spite.

I think spite is often overlooked as a reason for doing things. I've decided to learn Gaelic for spite, and I'll probably speak only Gaelic at times to annoy people.

Not really, I actually fancy learning it for a couple of good reasons, and since Easter is almost upon us, and it's Sunday, and I was listening to these things anyway, I thought I'd post a couple of Gaelic Psalms. The language, when lined-out like this, or call and repeated in song, sounds ancient and rooted, and I like that. It sounds, to me, like Native American song, which is always going to seem cool to we fans of old Saturday Matinee cowboy shows who supported the alleged bad guys.


Mark Kardwell said...

I'm pretty sure every Irishman who ever learnt Gaelic in the last 100 years only did it to spite the English, on some level.

Rod McKie said...

Hahaha. Hi Mark. Now Mrs Rod is threatening to learn Gaelic for the singing - which I suspect is to spite me.

Anyone old enough to remember Hilda ogden "singing" on Coronation Street will head for the hills - or away from them if they are alive with the sound of her music.