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Monday, September 09, 2013

Hello Future Rod, it's Me Again.

Still waiting to update, but I'm going to post this and delete the previous post, because the drawings are more up-to-date and there are more of them.  Again, I'm holding page 1 back for the time being, as it gives so much away, so these are actually pages 2-7 of Johnny Morte #1. 

I did a nifty thing here on one of the pages (bear with me if it's so bleedin' obvious I should shut up). I had been redrawing an ear and an eye over and over again, erasing the things and trying to get them right.  Then I remembered I was drawing on layers on the computer (I'm not kidding), on Manga Studio, so I took the rectangle tool and isolated the area on my "linedrawing" layer that I wanted to change, and increased the brightness on that area turning the black line grey, like pencils.  Then I created a new layer called "eareyeam" (injecting a little humour, you see) and drew the ear and the eye on the new layer, using the previous ear and eye as a guide for what not to do.  Then I highlighted the "linedrawing" layer and leaving the rectangle tool in place I erased the old ear and eye.  After that I right-clicked the "eareyeam" layer and merged it with the "linedrawing" layer.  I know it's a pretty obvious way to make corrections but I felt dead-chuffed about it. #EasilyPleased.


amol sanap said...

nice cartoons.....

Fotoclipping Outsource said...

Your affect is totally appreciative and newsy!