Monday, November 27, 2006


You know that every 7 years your body and your mind change to an incredible degree? Your entire persona, philosophy, your little personal moral manifesto for wading through this earthly mire changes too, and that's why you should revisit that favourite book, or movie, often, because although it remains the same, the changes in you will alter the way you view the text.

Anyway, as you might have gathered I'm looking through my back-catalogue of work, published and unpublished, as it can often throw up some rewarding ideas (I found one or two full-page, full-colour cartoons from some old Fiestas and Clubs that I'll put online one day). I also came across something more recent, 'Super Guys', that I'm reworking to put on my WebComics Nation page, Leper Town (Liberton, where I grew up).

I wanted to fix the lettering, but I have had to redraw the thing because I coloured the original colour pages - some are half-tone) immediately. I drew the thing about 10x8, for a 9x6 reduction, so it's almost same size. I also drew it on Watercolour paper, and then I just got carried away I suppose and I coloured it with Acrylic inks. Despite playing with the tones and running it through Adobe Streamline I couldn't strip the original drawings down to line, so I've had to redraw. However, I do think the drawing and the script is a little better, so I may be improving with age.

I hope you're picking up the message here; if you do want to colour the originals make a good quality hi-res copy of the line drawing first, or make a copy and colour that instead of the original.

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