Sunday, November 05, 2006

My God, we were weird.

More of that embarrassing teen period:

I think I came to the conclusion I was a living Art Object at about the age of 15. I had my leg in plaster for months (football/soccer injury) and spent a lot of time thinking, and I think I became unhealthily aware of myself. You know, as if my attention was split between doing what I was doing, and watching others watching me doing it. This awareness of me was not coupled with any self-enlightenment, I was very shallow, and seemed only to serve to disrupt my studies. I'm afraid that going out, and being seen, and looking good, took precedence and my schoolwork suffered.

My partner in crime throughout this period was my cousin Allan, now a Social Worker, who went to the same school and then after we were streamed was in the same class as me. I think, looking back, our antics were a little tame, but we caused enough of a minor stir in our environment to keep us amused and interested.

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