Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Pat Boyette

Firstly, let me thank Steven and WD for swinging by and giving some valuable thoughts to the Ditko/Boyette.

Of course a simple mistake was always the most likely scenario. Although back then, in the 1970s I hadn't started working in comics and there was no internet so finding facts about the US-based comic scene was pretty remote. However, through my contacts with some magazines where I was already selling gag cartoons and hoping to sell short stories, I knew some publications had a list of female names that male writers could choose an identity from for writing fiction - so back then the possibility that Pat Boyette was a pseudonym for a lot of artists was possible.

However, I thought this would be a good exercise for both Ditko fans and those Pat Boyette fans who feel that he is vastly under rated, and a good few souls on The Comics Journal forum threw up the usual high level of expertise on the man himself, my thanks go out to Russ Maheras, Mike Hunter, Alex Buchet, John Hanley, J Romberger, Tom Spurgeon, Craig Yoe, John Hanley, Matthew Wave, and Christopher Meeks (this could be the brilliant writer of The Middle Aged Man and the Sea).
Also, let me tip my hat to Grant Miehm, Lee Nordling and Arnold Wagner for additional Boyette stuff.
I think between us we scouted out some great links, you should go to TCJ and check 'em out:

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