Friday, May 25, 2007

Ranter Rod subdued by Serene Susan

Well, the article below, which triggered my Guardian -inspired rage aimed at that paper's habit of running lofty articles on cartoonists and cartooning was actually written by Susan Tomaselli for 3: AM Magazine, which is a must-read (their slogan is 'whatever it is, we're against it' which could almost be my mantra)- go now! That it was on Guardian Online was enough, of course, for the random ranter to strike.

To be fair (now that the legend The Guardian is removed from my eye line), Susan's argument has merit and I have heard my cartooning chum Patricia Storms, a book lover herself as her blog illustrates, pose the same questions. I have considered that the reason GNs deal with more serious subjects and autobiography, more than with humour, is perhaps in a desperate attempt to quickly gain credibility as the art form gains such speedy acceptability; but I suspect it has more to do with what the publishers want, and so it they who are insecure about the relative merits of the genre, not the cartoonists.

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