Monday, June 04, 2007

Trondtastic, Trondgasmic, Trondalicious...

Oh come on, I was a DJ for years, we murdered words all the time to appear cool. Anyway, those portmanteaux monstrosities simply illustrate the fact that I am lost for words. I mean, just look at the drawing above, that provides a gateway to Trondheim's world for Gawd's Sake. Anyway, I was just over at Dirk Deppey's place and he has a link to The Comic Journal's excerpt from this issue's interview with Lewis Trondheim and it is superb (see, what does superb tell you?). I urge you to get the issue for the cover alone never mind the interview, but don't take my word for it, go read it and then to visit his site. I mean now!


Again, from my visit to DD'S Journalista blog, I read that Kevin Melrose has posted the Harvey nominations on Newsarama. I have to say it has me in a complete tizzy. I won't spoil it for you by listing the nominees here, but, the Best Artist and Best Cartoonist categories are too tough for me to even guess at the possible winners. I mean, in the Best Artist category, I really like both Renee French and Brian Fies as cartoonists and as human beings, and I wouldn't want to have to judge, and then just to make it even more appallingly difficult for me, they have my countryman Frank Quitely to compete against. Oh woe. However, with that competition, whoever wins it will know for sure that they are a real artist, and just to be named in that line-up is enough - don't you think?

Best Cartoonist is equally insanely tough, and I must confess to being a huge fan of Jaime Hernandez, Kevin Huizenga and Dan Piraro, who are amongst the nominees. Again, I wouldn't like to say whom I like most, and I'd be happy if any one of these three wins, but I would maybe give it to...nah, that's entirely subjective, let's just wait and see what develops.

By the way, Blogger's spell check doesn't know what portmaneux is, so I outsmarted it, haw!

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