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Friday, January 25, 2008

Graphic Novel, The Bee-Man of Orn, Preview pages

I'm quite happy with my overall design here. I think I'm done editing, but something always pops up - we'll see. Anyway, here is a sample from the beginning of the story. Eagle-eyed cartoonist, Alex Mathews spotted an error, which is now fixed. I am obliged to him, and no mistake. Check out the link to his website (above) for some real funny cartoons. Well, at least I was prepared! The same eyes Royston Robertson uses to execute the fine lines of those uber-funny cartoons of his spotted my trick-word 'Kangeroo', that I had cunningly placed in the story to make sure everyone was, er, on their toes.


Euphrosene said...

Loved it Rod... Look forward to more. Cheers Euphrosene

Rod McKie said...

Thank you, Euphrosene, you are, as always, too kind.

skarab said...

Rod- quite a project! Nice looking and with a nice fairytale quality to it. Should be an interesting book.

markheath said...

Wow. That's some fancy-looking art, and a fun story. I especially liked the hive format at the beginning, showing that each new page was connected to the previous one, many parts building a whole. A very nice book. I haven't kept up with your blog so I'm not sure where this book will be sold, but I'll be getting a copy.

Rod McKie said...

Gerry, as moral tales go it isn't bad because it has some nice adventurous elements - good for drawing. I was really taken with the languid pace of the thing though, so I've tried to balance the adventure side with a good deal of just walking, talking and thinking. Hopefully, it works.

Rod McKie said...

Hi Mark, you are too kind. Hope things are going well.

I'm glad you like that. For months I couldn't move forward with the story because of the long intro. I couldn't see how to link it to the comic pages. I figured as straight text it might turn away people looking for drawings. I gave myself a pat-on-the back when I came up with the hive format. When I look at the pages on slideshow it looks a little like point and click, which I like.

I shall get a copy off to you when it gets done.

TobiasTak said...

Hi Rod, I loved your surreal fairy tale "The Bee-man of Orn- and hope to see more...and it's beautifully drawn as well! Hope it will be a book one day!
many greetings,
Tobias Tak (