Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lost in Translation, found in a Karaoke bar

I'm a big Bill Murray fan. We didn't get SNL back in the day so my first glimpse of him was in a pirated copy of Stripes, available as a VHS and Betamax video. Of course in those days a video movie cost £60, and the public had to wait 2 years to get the things (I am in no way condoning the practise, but that was then and these days movies come out quickly and they are easily affordable). Ahem (clears throat and ties to move on unnoticed).

I loved Lost in Translation, which combines a lot of elements that just do it for me. If they had spent time in Akihabara in that movie, reading manga, I'd watch it every day, instead of just once a month. Those of you who are familiar with the movie will remember being impressed with Bill's karaoke prowess.

So, anyway, Chris Hastings, who created Dr McNinja, is texting Ryan North, and he bumps into Bill Murray, as you do, and a Lost in Translation-type karaoke night ensues.

Bill Murray giving it laldy.

Couldn't happen here. In England you might be unlucky enough to get crashed by Michael Barrymore, whilst here in Scotland it might be the Krankies, or worse Jackie Bird. Any of these options would ruin your night.

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Comedy God.