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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The NE Ice Storm and the Lynch family

A quick dedication to Mike and Stacy Lynch, who looked like snow-people recently. I'm guessing, knowing the guy's work ethic, that Mike will have been thinking up ideas the whole time he was shovelling snow.


Mike Lynch said...

Gosh, Rod. Thanks for the kind words and the special cartoon just for us. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a guy who could be getting the big bucks from Playboy or Harvard Business Review! I am honored and touched that you took time away from your own cartooning schedule to draw this cartoon and post it. Thanks!

Rod McKie said...

You are too kind. I know your power was off and on, so hopefully it is back on for keeps now. I know it makes for great photos but it sounds like an ordeal.

Lisbeth thought you were on CNN talking about the storm?

Mike Lynch said...

I wasn't on CNN. Perhaps it was another Lynch!

Happy New Year, Rod! Keep up the cartoony work!