Thursday, June 04, 2009

Nickelodeon Magazine, US, Bows Out

This is a real bummer. I'll scan some stuff from my favourite copy. This is really horrible news for all the staff, especially Chris and Dave who have done so much for cartoonists over the years.


Chris Duffy said...

Rod--thanks for being one of our strongest supporters--despite being on another continent. Hope we can meet some day!

Dave and I will be fine, I predict. Not to make light of the magazine's cancellation (which is really, really sad for me) but in case you're worried for us.

Do you ever travel "stateside"? I'm hoping to take a jaunt to your nation in the future (not sure how far off).

Rod McKie said...

This is such awful news, Chris. Of course the human cost to the magazine's staff is paramount, but there is an added dimension with the cost to freelance cartoonists as a profession because the magazine was so pro-cartoonist.

I think, and I know I'm not alone, of Nick Mag, the New Yorker, and Playboy as the US Holy Trinity for freelancers. These are publications that cartoonists aspire to, they foster excellence, and without them we are less driven.

Just pop over Chris, we'll squeeze you in.