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Friday, January 12, 2007

Dirk Deppey - Living Resource.

I had some respect for Dirk Deppey before yesterday. He has been singularly resposible for increasing and informing my interest in Manga and Anime over the last year, and I have been inspired by his knowledge and enthusiasm of the subject. However, after last night, that respect sank into the category know as 'deep', as in I now have 'A Deep Respect' for Dirk Deppey because he, way over the Atlantic there, in the US, on his most excellent blog, Journalista, did something that BBC Scotland failed to do on their news programme last night, he mentioned the tragic death of Harry Horse. Of course it shouldn't have come as any surprise that a man regarded by many as a living-resource on cartooning would be aware of Harry's work, but I was astonished that even a double-death in Shetland involving of of Scotland's best children's author/illustrators wasn't worth a mention on what is suppossed to be Scotland's national news.

The BBC Scotland news is usually very bad anyway, especially now that it champions 'good news' over bad, and 'infotainment' over factual reporting. But its percieved West Coast bias, well, to be honest a Glaswegian bias, which means that if someone in Glasgow who once drew Dennis the Menace farted, it would blow anyone from anywhere outside their feifdom right of the programme, appears to be plumbing ever deeper depths. Last night I was suppossed to be 'cheered up' by some brats winning some unspectacular line-dancing competition. It is now neither news nor entertainment; it is, to use a fine old Scottish phrase, Utter Pish!

My thanks to my good friend Mike Lynch (no mean blogger himself) who reminded me to visit Dirk's fantasic blog again. I shall stick it in the links section forthwith:

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