Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Wisenheimer school of Cartoon Art

As you might expect of a highly respected member of the cartooning business, I am a member of a secret cartoon society, heck bent on World Domination.

Well, noticing that several new books and courses on cartoon art are springing up all over the place, some of our illustrious members have decided to give masterclasses in cartooning themselves. Who better, you might say, than a society of internationally renowed illustrators to teach begining cartoonists the secrets of cartooning?

So, here we are with Lesson 1, which pools together the internationally recognised talents of Mike Lynch, Christine Tripp, Michael McDonnell, Dee Adams, Dan Collins, Gerry Mooney, Jason Nocera, Kevin Coffee, Maritza Campos, Brian Fray, Jon Herman, Ann Farrell, Ted Goff, Karsten Schley and Steve Bright.

1. Scan Your Cat.

Okay, I hear you, you're thinking this is on a par with Arthur Spooner's piano lessons, or a dancing class by The Office's David Brent. But fear not, the next step, is drawing body parts.


Mike Lynch said...

I'd post an intelligent comment here, but am too busy giggling.

Steve Bright said...

Look, there's nothing trivial about CAT scans. They're life-savers.

And you do realise you've left yourself wide open to being black-balled by the secret cartoon society, Rod, now that you've let out of the bag?

Rod McKie said...

I think they look pretty cool. As soon as our new addition comes along I'll scan him in. We could do a 'guess which cat owns which cartoonist'.

Darn it Steve, I knew there was a flaw in there somewhere.

Oh Mike, no more Black Books will be made. I have something you'll like though. I'll post it soon.

Mike Lynch said...

Black Books? I love that show, as you know, Rod. You got me into it. And I got Stephanie Piro into it as well. I have all three series on UK DVD, which plays fine on my computer. And I have a couple of Bill Bailey concert DVDs that I haven't even watched.

Anyway, too bad there won't be more. Love that Bernard Black!

Now we're getting Season 2 of Extras here, and it's very good.

Rod, you're my guide to Britcoms and manga!

amrchrd said...

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for linking to my website under "Even more Talent Bastards" :) I really appreciate the link! And for spelling my name right

Andre []

Rod McKie said...

Hi Andre!

Nice of you to pop along. I enjoy your work.

Andy White said...

I don't think my cat would sit still that long, once I fire the scanner up.

Andy White