Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dirty Dick's Bottomless Pond.

Up past the Horseshoe (a cul-de-sac), and then along the Lang Loan (the Long Lane) past the Tip (rubbish dump) and along a little and then cut left sharply, through the brambles, and there it was, Dirty Dick's Pond. It had been a quarry at one point, they say, but would that explain the fish? I doubt it. Anyway, we spun a lot of myths around it, the key one being that it was bottomless. I've spoken to people, of a certain age, from all over the world, who grew up in rural or semi-rural surroundings who remember a place just like Dirty Dick's Pond.

I've posted it on my Web Comics Nation page and I'm going to try (I usually upload entire stories or single pages) to upload the story over the next three uploads. Fingers crossed. Here's page 1 of 4:

Also, I don't know if this'll interest you, but it should. I'm posting a Manga Blog called IManga soon. It's going to be really self-indulgent and feature my favourites and it'll be really graphics heavy. I'll put a link up here after I get it sorted.


Vostradeis said...

Hi, I'm a fellow cartoonist from Portugal and would like to let you know my work. Please take a look at my blog Humoral da História... and let me know your opinion. Greetings!

Rod McKie said...

Vostradeis, are you Rodrigo then? I enjoyed the cartoons very much, they're excellent. I wish I could read your blog, it looks vaguely subversive, and fun.

howard said...

trippy, a grew up in gracemount 80searly90s n yur cartoon literally describes a memory of me and ma 2 cozens daen exactly that and saying exactly the same myths, only on arrival we wer mair impressed wi the number oh abandon cars in the pond lol

Anonymous said...

My Dad leased the pond circa 1960, his name was Richard Connell (AKA Dick, or Dirty Dick as some people called him), he claimed to be something of a ladies man and suggested that the pond was named after him. Initially he stocked it with Trout, however it was latterly stocked with course fish by the locals. In 1961 my dad was charged with ABH after he became engaged in an altercation with two rabbit poachers on the pond, needles to say the poachers came off the worse for ware and my father was fined. Richard lived on Captains Road until 1971 when he moved to Colchester where he ran a Trout Fishery. I last visited the pond with my dad in the 80's when indeed there was abandoned cars in the water and Pike could be seen swimming around.