Saturday, July 21, 2007

Literally Hundreds of People have asked me...

Yeah, those of you who are familiar with this blog know that means 'one' person happened to ask, in passing, but you must admit that sounds hopeless as a header, so anyway, literally hundreds of people have emailed me, phoned me and stopped me in the street, and in the local, to ask me 'what is it with these pencil drawings, guv'nor?'.

Okay, let me explain. I have decided that I only want to work for a very few publications. These publications are renowned for the cartoons they publish, and I don't intend to send them just any cartoons. I am making the cartoons I send to them, especially for them, and these cartoons are, well, they are bespoke, in that they are created with that publication in mind, and if that publication wants the cartoon, but with changes, to either the drawing or the punchline or both, then I'll make the changes.

There was a time when a lot of publications worked this way, where a pencil drawing would be okayed before it is 'finished' in ink or paint, or crayon or charcoal, or all of these mediums or even published in the original pencil, as was the case with Pont's 'Britsh Character' cartoons many, many, moons ago. To me, it brings the craft element back to cartooning, allowing us to specialize, and removes us from the stock-cartoon and clip art arena that gives a lot of publications a generic look and feel.

I have to say, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only that but I enjoy being able to get stuck into a drawing again. My erasers are filthy, as are my fingers, and my neat collection of long pointed pencils is turning into a collection of weary stumps. I love it.

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