Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tobias Tak's The House of Pamplemousse

Illustrator Tobias Tak’s stories are fabulous, in fact I'd use the term 'fantastic', in the true literary sense because if ever there was an illustrator who could do justice to a work like E.T.A Hoffmann's Der Sandman, it is surely he. Tobias's work is nothing less than spellbinding, but even those of you familiar with Gardenia and Klazeena goes Polka Dotty or Upside Down, will be blown away anew by The House of Pamplemousse:


TobiasTak said...

Hi Rod
Thanks very much for your wonderful comments and feedback- And I am a big fan of your own work too!! I'm using this little box to write to you, because I didn't have any other way of making contact...
I hope we'll be in touch again,
Best wishes, Tobias

Rod McKie said...

Hey Tobias, I couldn't work out where this was, I can't believe it has been so long since this post.

Thank you for the kind comments. I'll shoot an email off to you this week sometime. Nice to hear from you.