Tuesday, March 07, 2006


On a non-cartooning note, I've had 100 phone calls from a company that thinks it's hard. It's called Capquest and it appears to be staffed entirely by cretins. For some reason they've decided to pester me about a student debt, even though it's about 20 years since I was a student. I was appalled to discover though, that student loan details have been handed over to this crowd of deadbeats. Of course it's self-defeating because since this is a private company with none of the special rights awarded to Quangos like the Student Loan Company, all debts of around 6 years are Ultra-Vires. If any ex-students out there are being harassed (they usually breach the FSA and OFT guidelines on phone calling alone) by these cowboys, I suggest they look up this websitefor explicit details on how to complain.

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