Sunday, March 26, 2006

Yes! Feeling it again.

Things are a little slow, but I'm creeping back into it. Here's a handy tip, after a period of not working, begin by cleaning out your pens. I cleaned my US Rotring (Ko-I-Noor), my Rotrings and Staetdlers, and my brush pens, filling them all with FW Acrylic ink. Some pens I fill using a syringe from a compter ink refill kit, others with an eye dropper; very handy.

So, I'm also looking into a new market and it really is new for me, it's in Holland. I think my favourite Dutch cartoonist is Joost Swarte, but he's more an illustrator (architect, playwrite, etc), than a cartoonist. Hopefully, cartoons which refer to the current anti-smoking legislation in Scotland, transfer just as well to other countries. In the main, when it's a universal thing like smoking and smoking bans, they generally do. I've drawn smoking-related cartoons for publications in the US and Ireland:

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