Thursday, March 09, 2006


If any of you are tapping the links, you should have visited Mike Lynch's blog by now. I'm sure my Breetish Chooms are staring google-eyed at Bunny Hoest's house on Long Island. 'My God', they'll say 'that's the kind of estate you can get from a graphics panel?'. Well, no. Probably not, not any longer anyway (although Gary Larson could have afforded one, and maybe has one on that little island where rich cartoonists stay).

It's Mike's piece about redraws I want to talk about. I'd never done any and Mike mentioned his requests from the Wall Street Journal for a redraw and low and behold, about a week or two later, I got asked to do one. Of course you know the judges here, in the UK, wear wigs, but remember I was doing this cartoon for the WSJ. Charles and Kim suggested I add another character and they were right, it improved the cartoon a lot:

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