Sunday, March 05, 2006

Crowned Jowells'

Would you believe it? I was drawing into the wee small hours, and then emailed lo-res cartoons in for approval, and one hour later the Jowells' split up. So the cartoon is caught up in a sort of purgatory between the scandal (newsworthy) and the 'seperation', because it features the Jowells's in bed together. Of course I'm deeply cynical about the 'seperation', not just because of the timing but also because of the Millibandish and Campbellesque syntax, supposedly from a man who barely seems able to string sentences together at the drop of a hat 'so, who'll pay for that then?'.

New Labour - Squeky clean, whiter than white...ah, well, I suppose God will judge!

I am, I must say, so astonished at how greedy these people are that I am beginning to suspect that there is a Heaven, that rich people do get in, and that you can take IT with you. How else can you explain these people?

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