Saturday, March 04, 2006

Current Projects (all books)

These are all books and I'm working on them simultaneously, but individually, if you follow. Each project sits in its own A3-size wallet (transparent) and each one is taken out, in turn, about once a month, and I try to do about 3 to 5 pages of each. Sometimes I'd rather work on one in particular, but I know what the finishing order will be:

The working title for this is Private Lives, but I'll change that. I know what the actual title will be. That's me at the window of my old flat overlooking a Georgian Square in Edinburgh's Bo-Ho district of Stockbridge.

This was called Strange Fruit and it was drawn by brush, initially, it's been severely edited over the last year and it now has a new title, is drawn by pen, and is much longer, about 100 pages. It's a story about ghosts, growing up, and sectarianism in Scotland.

This is a page from Eddie and the Banshee, a picture book.

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