Saturday, May 04, 2019

Bernard Cnut Jenkin MP

I'm currently banned from Twitter for calling Bernard Jenkin MP a cnut.  I'm perplexed by this because I don't see any way Twitter can prove he isn't. He's a Brexit supporting twat from the ERG party-within-a-party Tories, who have constantly attacked Theresa May on the grounds that Brexit is crap because she's a weak negotiator and a woman, not because Brexit was pie-in-the-sky promises from a bunch of rabid old misogynist has-beens and their fanatical unicorn-worshipping fans. I called him a cnut because of his most recent outburst during England's council elections he said, I paraphrase, it didn't matter if the voters had now changed their minds, they've made their bed so they can lie in it. Not a philosophy he applies to his own grey hair, which has darkened considerably on top since some ludicrous poll amongst mad Tory women - gone to his head you might say.

As my old friend GT has pointed out, he is just one cnut, amongst many others in the Commons.