Thursday, December 31, 2015

Appropriately; the best laid plans of mice and men...

I had many plans to update the blog this past year, 2015, but things conspired to get in the way. This month, it has been my cancer, which now makes me very tired I'm afraid. With luck, I shall make my return to posting in January 2016, and if the splendid NHS team looking after me is right, I'll be making new posts for a long time to come (On No!). Allow me to thank you for your support, and your incredible patience, over the last few years, it has given me extra purpose.

Be excellent to each other.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Litchi Hikari Club

You'll have spotted several things instantly from the cover of LHC: it's a seinan manga title, it's a little diabolical looking, the logo looks vaguely like a ninja-weapon, a shade totalitarian - the entire thing looks a little blood-soaked and militarised. There's a little prestidigitation going on in the foreground, so there's an element of deception hinted at; while all around the characters' adopt the coy poses of girlie-magazine models, one even appears to be making a Hitler-moustache sign with his or her finger, so the SS-look of the uniforms is not a coincidence.  The two bottom figures, left and right, a ghastly looking robot-type creature and a very traditional looking female cast as victim, have leading roles, judging by their prominent placement. It's a very well-thought out design that plays with the notion of old-style posters, steam-punk, and diabolism.