Sunday, May 08, 2005

Lazy Sundays

This'll be all about cartooning. It is dull, dull, dull, unless you like that sort of thing.

I split the day up because I have that disorder where you get really excited about something, and then the moment you achieve, or buy, it, or whatever, you get really bored with it, so I arrange a range of things to work on. From around 9am to 12 I'll get straight down to drawing gag cartoons so I'll finish maybe 5, and hopefully 10. Then I'll watch all the news programmes until 1.30, but I'll only take an hour off and the news will continue in the background, on cable. At 1pm I'll work on one of two strips and I'll try to ink one episode and pencil another. Around about 3pm I'll work on a graphic novel, or a comic book. Then, around 4pm, while I'm thinking about drawing, I'll start making dinner, from scratch. When my wife gets home from teaching she sits down to eat, and I start to think about clearing up and that'll take me to 6, 7, 8, 9 , 10, or 11. If I start pottering around online it'll take even longer. After I do settle down we'll discuss our days and my wife will drag herself off to bed leaving me to sit there sketching and writing until about 3am. If the cable is really bad I'll put a Curb your Enthusiasm, or Seinfeld dvd on. But if something like Dad's Army, or Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (no idea why I like it), or Father Ted is on I'll have that in the background. Some nights I just watch tv and if I do get a flash of inspiration I'll scribble something in my handy notebook. At the moment any spare time I have is spent thinking about next year's greetings card designs.

Saturdays I don't do anything, sometimes. But that's over quikly and on Sunday afternoon, after reading the papers all morning (seldom anything funny in that lot), it's time to prepare for the week ahead. That means getting the postage, envelopes, etc, organised so they are within easy reach. Otherwise I get annoyed and flusstered and end up covered in ink and glue. It's also a good day for cleaning pens and other pottering around and reading cartoon material like Robert Mankoff's Naked Cartoonist or a comic book. Man, what a geek I am.

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