Thursday, June 08, 2006

I mentioned you in Dispatches.

One of my favourite cartoons is an old Punch cartoon by Michael Ffolkes, a couple of soldiers, in the trenches, and one is saying to the other 'I mentioned you in dispatches - I told them you're an absolute rotter.'

My Cartoon Fiend blog got a mention on two of my favourite blogs this week, Drawn and Mike Lynch's cartoon blog. I was so busy trying to upload graphics to the Cartoon Fiend blog I hadn't done my usual rounds which are, Cartoonist Club of GB Q and A forum, Darrin Bell's Toontalk site, the (cough, cough) Wisenheimer, the Comics Journal forum, my email, and then Mike Lynch's blog, Drawn, and Book Lust and all their associated links (all of which keeps me online for about 16 straight hours).

So, anyway, I was sending some email and I happened to catch a glimpse of my site statistics for the Online Cartoonist site (which is still a work in progress), and hundreds, literally, of people had paid me a visit in one day, which is highly unusual. I had no idea what had gone on, until I found those blog entries, that is. Man, it helps to have friends in high places.

Anyway, I did manage to do the rounds today and Drawn has a brilliant piece on some newly discovered drawings from Winsor McCay’s first comic strip, Tales of the Jungle Imps, which the grandaddy of animation did in 1903. Hand-coloured stuff, no less. Sumpteous. And Mike Lynch has outdone even himself, this time, with some brilliant photos of the NY NCS bash from his beloved Overlook.

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Oh heck, Rod. You make me blush.

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