Saturday, February 17, 2007

A bit back-trouble

I've done very little for the past 2 weeks on account of back-trouble. I really injured my back badly early last year. I have a treadmill nearby where I work and I was doing a quick 10 minutes on it when I saw my wife approaching the house - everything is open plan, it's not as if I can see through walls. So, I decided I'd impress her with a silly walk on the treadmill, but she didn't have her key and she buzzed the intercom and the noise startled me and, long story short, I twisted some stuff (to use the medical jargon).

So, if I happen to be lying down on a rug, belly on the floor, drawing while a DVD plays in the background (in the wee small hours it is so relaxing), it really aggravates the strain - and I did and it did. So I was too uncomfortable to do anything much, but it is improving.

Anyway, I've drawn a bunch of funny cartoons, fingers crossed, so I'm back in the game, and saved some Anime screenshots on the laptop, which I'll transfer to the PC and then upload to the IManga blog tomorrow; in order to get it up-and-running. Also, I put a page of my alleged autobiography Lerpertown together and I'll post it on Web Comics Nation and 5 more pages of Johnny Morte on Comic Space over this weekend.

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