Monday, April 16, 2007

On not being Angus McKie, Cam Kennedy, Eddie Campbell, Brian Bolland, Alan Grant, etc,etc.

I don't know when it happened, but at some stage I gave up trying to draw the comics I enjoyed reading and went for the quick thrill of drawing funny comic strip characters.

The result is that drawing in a more 'realistic' (it's a drawing, just lines on paper so that's not a great description, but you get my drift) style is more difficult for me. That's not to say it is somehow easier for the guys mentioned above (British cartoonists), it's just that they make it look easier, or at least more natural. For me, my drawings are a bit contrived at the moment, possibly through decades of trying to make my cartoons look flat, but they will eventually loosen up and whilst I might never become as good as those mentioned, I will eventually be happy, or happier with what I can produce.

Anyway, the latest pages of Johnny Morte have been redrawn and I'm likely to put about ten of these on online, as soon as I letter them. They will replace the pages that are already there.

I haven't changed the story much, but the drawings are more angular and I think a little sharper looking - I won't be able to tell until I see them online.

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