Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Free Gilbert and George Digital Print!

You know, I've always loved Alan Yentob's interviewing technique. I think I first became aware of his work, consciously, when he interviewed David Bowie in Cracked Actor. He has way of allowing his interviewees to relax and reveal things that just doesn't happen with anyone else and his interview with Gilbert and George was equally brilliant. I mean, AY has managed to talk the Georgebert's into producing a major work, a digital print, and make it available on the web, for gawd's sake.

Anyway, here's the skinny: If you go to the BBC's site here, up until 11.35pm on 10th May 2007, you can download a set of 9 hi-res jpegs in a zip file, 25megs, that print out as 9 A4 size (11x8) pieces and which come together to form a piece called Planned, by Gilbert and George. Here's how the finished article looks.
In addition, on the site, you'll find a video of Georgebert knocking the piece together on the computer and his wizardry is a wonder to behold.


Royston Robertson said...

My favourite bit was when Gilbert bought a silly looking hat and Alan Yentob looked slightly aghast at the possibility that the artist might walk down the street with it on. What? Did Yentob really think that a man famous for exhibiting his bum, and much else, in his artworks would give a toss what anyone thinks about his daft headgear?? Great programme. They're always good value.

Rod McKie said...

Hi Royston, when I pop-in to visit you at one of your comic events, you will recognise me by my hat; which I promise will be uber-silly.

Martin said...

Just seen the show in Holland... it's now 2009 so too late for download.. anyone got the files in Hires? mail to martin at myadvertising dot nl pleeezzzzz

Unknown said...

Shouldn't the dimensions be 10 by 12 inches rather than A4? Or 254 mm by 305 mm (25 cm by 30 cm) for those who do not use inches. Is a traditional English photo size.