Monday, July 28, 2008

My Viz Comic #12 on the FPI Blog

You can find out how I managed to get a copy of Viz Comic #12, from the Donald brothers, on the FPI Blog.

Well, you know, I waited a couple of minutes for the cover to upload and I thought it was taking too long and I checked it out and it was 2.5m, which told me right away that it was 300dpi, and that means I'd forgotten to reduce it to 100dpi, which is my web-standard. It's likely I finished it on the laptop and forget about the copies on the computer here. If you find I've forgotten to webify any graphics here let me know because there is a limit on the space you are allowed to use. I can't believe I'm getting this forgetful.

There is also a little nugget of cartooning history that might have been.

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