Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blogging through a Codeine-inspired Mist-like Filter

I'm delusional. I have a really horrible flu and I'm stuffed to the gills with soluble painkillers. Oh, oh, did I imagine this? No way, I mean how would I know about Fake That?

Fake That, the Take That tribute band, were in trouble in Spain, where they were performing, after fake Robbie Williams ran across the room and started fighting with fake Gary Barlow. If it's true, there is no no need for cartoons.

Anyway, I think I made a post on the brilliant Manga Blog because there is a competition going on - or I may have imagined I did. If I didn't imagine the whole thing, you have the opportunity to win some Black Jack manga - go for it, or not, depending on whether or not it's all in my head.

It's a great prize and I realise that if lots of you do enter the competition it reduces my chances of winning, but honestly, it's such a great prize I can't keep it to myself.

The manga I mentioned on my post on the site is the manga that inspired the anime below, Soul Eater. It looks like a new sort of manga to me, one that appeals to a broad church. It's full of marvelous images.

Now here a thing; the last time I had flu this bad I was much younger, a teenager, and I was in bed, watching TV and I saw a TV show that nobody else I have ever met, ever saw. For years and years I searched for proof that the show wasn't the product of my fevered imagination; but I found no proof that the very surreal "live-action" Babar I remembered existed - until recently that is. So here it is, live-action Babar; I want you to imagine how weird it was looking at this spectacle through the misty, drugged up haze of a fluey-funk.


Mike Lynch said...

I hope you feel better, Rod! Yes, watching that live action Babar -- in a feverish, woozy state -- must've been a bizarre experience. And the aftermath -- My God! Years of people disbelieving you -- Yikes! what a feeling of victorious vindication once you found out that the show really existed.

Rod McKie said...

Thank you Mike, getting there. I managed to share my bug with everyone else, so I feel better now that everyone else is ill too. Of course I'll be the first to improve so I'll have to nursemaid all of them.

I still may have imagined the voice-work. The film clip is Danish, the episodes I remember were voiced by Peter Ustinov, which is possible because I think he did the animated Babar over here.