Monday, December 08, 2008

Confine your comments to the blog, please.

Can I ask you to please confine your comments about these bloggings to the blog, and not to email me personally? I have it kind of segregated, you know, there is Rod the Blogger, using a conversational register and he's kind of talky and all that with loads of time to talk. But Rod the cartoonist is a small businessman who draws cartoons and illustrations and conducts a lot of business online, so unless it's an email about work, or we are great chums, don't email me. I won't read your emails, I'll just bin them, so if you have anything to get off your chest do it here. Manup for crying out loud!

Anyway, apropo the post below, let me just drag something I said in the comments round to the front here, so that you can feel where I'm coming from:

I think that British cartoonists like Keiren Meehan, with his comic strip being syndicated worldwide by Kings Features Syndicate, is way more deserving of a British cartooning award than someone who draws a single-column jape for any British newspaper or magazine. I'd also put forward the Rogers', Kettle and Mahoney, for bringing a new young audience to Andy Capp, and a number of the UK's small press and mini comic producers and mainstream (DC and Marvel) comic writers and artists, who as far as I'm concerned have done much, much, more for cartoonists and cartooning than any of the names below - except the blessed Raymond Briggs, of course. Maybe that's the problem, these "awards" are designed to accomodate the old fashioned material the publication's concerned use.

Understand of course that this is just my personal opinion, as a cartoonist and illustrator who sells his work worldwide . Your opinion may differ, but if it differs substantially write it on your own blog, don't jam up my fuckin' email box with your rants, you peckerheads.


Royston Robertson said...

Fair enough, Rod. But you must be aware that this post sounds a bit like Ringo Starr's infamous "No more fan mail" video ;-)

"I'm warning you, with peace and love ..."

Rod McKie said...

Dang, outed as a Ringo follower. You'll pay for this Double-R!