Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hey Everyone, thanks.

Hey everyone, thanks for the many good wishes and the gifts and cards; they made a real difference and lifted my mood, which was very dark for the longest time.

I only have one or two more tests to go and so far everything is progressing nicely. My concentration isn't great and my eyesight will need rechecked for new reality goggles, but that's no big deal.

I've hated not being able to work, but what can you do? Not that there is a lot of work out there, there is certainly a lot less than there was last year, already, in the world of gag and strip cartoons. Hopefully, we can put our heads together and figure out some new angles, after all; who's like us?

I'll write to you all individually over the next few weeks.


Brian Fies said...

Very glad to hear it, I was getting worried. Best of luck getting back in the saddle, and thanks to Liz for her update.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rod - glad to hear you are on the mend again. Especially like the Meldrew touch :*)

Cheers Euphrosene

Anonymous said...

glad you're on the mend, rod. welcome back.

Rod McKie said...

Thanks people, it means a lot.

I'm letting things happen naturally. I didn't eat for 31 days, but my appetite is slowly returning, hopefully my appetite for work will also return, in time.

On the blogging front, there is less to get animated about as the worst case scenario is already happening - but I'm sure we will adapt; I'm quietly hopeful.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see this post.