Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Johnny Morte: PI to the Damned

Okay, I'm going to post the pages here, and just keep adding as I go. I still don't have a new Wacom so I'm working with the keypad on the laptop, and it really is laborious.

I've decided not to use Illustrator's Live Trace function. It really seems to kill the drawings and mine are already too lifeless for my liking. I'm just cleaning it a little, toning, and reducing the resolution so the glaring mistakes shrink.

Copyright, Roderick McKie, 2008-2009.


Anonymous said...

Where are you going to put the finished ages and will i be able to read them in something like comicbook reader?



Rod McKie said...

Um, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I see it as a series of 6 comics, one of which is fully finished. I may publish it myself, if the figures add up. If I do post the first episode online it'll be about 30 pages, hi-res, and compressing it in a pdf and/or cbr file looks the best way to do it.