Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Litchi Hikari Club

You'll have spotted several things instantly from the cover of LHC: it's a seinan manga title, it's a little diabolical looking, the logo looks vaguely like a ninja-weapon, a shade totalitarian - the entire thing looks a little blood-soaked and militarised. There's a little prestidigitation going on in the foreground, so there's an element of deception hinted at; while all around the characters' adopt the coy poses of girlie-magazine models, one even appears to be making a Hitler-moustache sign with his or her finger, so the SS-look of the uniforms is not a coincidence.  The two bottom figures, left and right, a ghastly looking robot-type creature and a very traditional looking female cast as victim, have leading roles, judging by their prominent placement. It's a very well-thought out design that plays with the notion of old-style posters, steam-punk, and diabolism.    

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