Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year

Actually, in work terms, New Year was over long ago. In drunky terms of course, it was not. So I hope you have all recovered and resolved to be better human beings than you were last year.

Anyway, quite literally millions of people have asked me (2 people *see notes below) what my Lepertown Comic at WCN is about. Since, I just failed to see the following episode on the site after, apparently, uploading it, I suppose this is a good opportunity to post it here, along with a quick paragraph about the series which features one-page and multiple page stories.

My Dad's hair was amazing back then. It covered his face and went down past his collar and he just scooped it all the way back with his comb into a sort of wave-like quiff. It was always jet-black and shiny and he soaked it in Bay Rum which was a sticky orange liquid. When I covered my body in it I looked like McGill from Man in a Suitcase. I looked like a film star.

Leper Town may, or may not, have been the original name of Liberton, a small village on the outskirts of Edinburgh, where I grew up. We were told that it was a Leper colony at one point and I think that since we all seemed to think that Leper's were Zombies that it was kind of cool, so we wanted to believe it. Some of these stories are from the larger work that began as Strange Fruit but has evolved into Tommy Apple, but many are drawn exclusively for the WCN site.

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