Sunday, August 24, 2008

To Do List

Yes, this is a sign that my memory is not what it was. My 'To Do' list:

My cartoons again. Sending to The New Yorker, Playboy and The Harvard Business Review. This is a strong group of cartoons, not often I say that. I have whittled it down to 30 funny cartoons and I think I have finally developed a drawing style - finally. And I think it shows. For the first time in a long time I'm actually quite excited about drawing cartoons again.

Scanning some Flook and the Peasants Revolt because I promised Chris Duffy I'd do so.

Updating My Life, as a Life Obstacle (done).

Finishing the secret stuff.

Complain to The Royal Mail. In what is surely a new low even for 'Rip Off Britain', The Royal Mail is refusing to deliver $60 of US stamps to me unless I pay around $20 in duty. Stamps are Zero-Rated, but Customs and Excise claim that VAT at 17.5% is due on the value of the stamps + the cost of the package and posting - but they admit what I'm being charged doesn't tally-up. Er, no, I'm not paying, so it's going back. I will no longer buy stamps this way.

Boycott The Daily Cartoonist Blog. I made the following post and Alan removed it, so I'm never posting there again - it's boring anyway:

The nuddle on my jeans hurt my beanbag (got an oddly-shaped computer stool) so I'm having to sit on an inflatable horse on my drawing chair. Have any other cartoonists had this problem?

Do the first part of a post about how Minicomics are changing for Joe and The Forbidden Planet Blog (done). Not sure when it'll be up, I'll link from here when it is.

I think I'm doing some illustrations for someone's book. I may, it depends on what transpires contract-wise (did that sound suitably business savvy? No? It was worth a try).

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