Monday, September 16, 2013

Last Teeny Update Before Resuming Proper Posting

I'm going with black gutters in parts of Johnny Morte.  Issue #1 of the comic begins with a dream sequence, then a night sequence and then a flashback sequence, so I'm going with black gutters up to the flashback sequence.  There will be other pages with black gutters further on in the story, and again there will there will be a point to them.


Anonymous said...

Hi - I have almost 2000 original cartoons including 200 by Sax, 215 by Earl, 20 by Nixon, 178 by Rex, 36 by Ralley, 137 by Jack plus personally signed Reg Smythes and a couple of Franklins. Is anyone interested in them? Contact e-mail is Cheers.

Unknown said...

It’s all about your timing…which in itself is exquisite!