Monday, November 18, 2013

Yay! Progress.

The fact that I've finally made the cover to issue #1 of Johnny Morte means that I've finished the first comic book.  I may make some changes, but it's largely done and those changes won't be huge.  I don't know if I'll colour it - I might.  It's very freeing because now that everything in Johnny's world is established and most of the main characters are introduced, I can work on other projects at the same time.  This may well include drawing some cartoons again for the first time in years.  An odd thing happens every so often; I think of a cartoon, so I write the punch line with some notes and file it away.  As a result I have some ideas in the vault.  Yippee. 


Mike Lynch said...

Wow! Congratulations, Rod! Great news!

Rod McKie said...

Cheers, Mike. I'm still faffing around with it a little, but it's as good as done. Now for other stuff :D

Unknown said...

So nice and graceful.....the ultimate beauty is here indeed.