Monday, September 28, 2009

Dudley and Herge

This is a post that is intended to be inspirational. It's about learning on the job, and it could easily be called "look how shit Herge was when he started cartooning". In a way it's about examining how even the very best cartoonists and Herge and Dudley Watkins were two of the very best cartoonists the world has ever seen learn and evolve as they continue to work at the job of illustrating. In a way, I suppose, it's a celebration more of the craft of cartooning itself, and how experience and personal growth is reflected in the work that is produced. You will hear many cartoonists speak fondly of studios they once worked in or worked for as the place they learned the craft of cartooning and honed their skills. For many today, that happens on the internet and some web comics that began as very amateurish looking ventures have since developed into very excellent looking and very funny strips.

Before the more polished looking creation of studio Herge.

And Dudley

Not such a dramatic change for Dudley, but still an obvious one.

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