Monday, July 26, 2010

Photoshop Woes

You may remember I cut back on the blogging when I was ill. Actually I cut back on everything, except blankly staring and drooling; did a lot of that. As a matter of fact I was very zombie-like; total slackjaw. Anyway, I've been very slow to get back to work and in theory that would be okay; if the people who are supposed to honour their contracts did so - BASTARDS! But that's not really the way of the world so I'm having to do stuff again aren't I?

Anyway, I eventually migrated everything to the laptop, including 2 Photoshops (one is old but has all my filters), a Paintshop Pro, Manga Studio Ex, etc, etc...then that blew up, or at least the bios went nutzoid (technically speaking), so I loaded some stuff onto an older laptop whilst waiting for the new one to arrive, but now the new one has arrived and I'm not at all sure we get along. It's all that java-ed-up new Windows and I can't be bothered loading it up with everything all over again and hunting for the passwords to 100 filters, so I'm still on the older model - slumming it with Photoshop CS2. Aaannnddd, whatever my settings were on CS3 on the other laptop, I sure as shit don't remember them now, because I just can't get a good reduction with this thing.

I'm drawing a few things but here's a panel from the Wolf Cubs page and you'll see what I mean about the crappy reduction. This was scanned it at about 300 dpi, then drawn with a Wacom tablet and then reduced to 100dpi to put here and the quality of the reduction isn't impressing me at all. Any and all ideas about what my settings should be "nearest neighbor" "bicubic" etc, will be most welcome:

That's actually better than I've been getting. Hmmmmm. What is going on?

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Drazen said...

HI Rod,

Just thought I would mention that The Happy Undertaker has a bunch of new stuff if you haven't dropped by in a while
and I'm doing a weekly strip of it over at Strange Kids Club.