Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Excusable Schadenfreude (A POLITICAL BREAK)

I think there must be a certain amount of excusable schadenfreude amongst the 51% of Americans who tried to keep that dimwit out of the White House. It's a difficult balance though, with the horror; I suppose. I just watched The Colbert Report, I can't believe Henry Paulson, US Treasury Secretary, tried to blame "future administrations" for screwing up the economy - on the other hand, he does look like he comes from the future.

Over here the spineless Gordon Brown has been throwing money at the problem, not just without checks and balances, but without a single care. Tonight, more than ever, he sounded like a robot that had gone haywire, repeating the same phrase about he, the Chancellor, and the Governor of the Bank of England. He kept saying they would look after the tax payer by sneakily nationalizing banks on the fly, and letting the good debts sneak out the bank door and allowing the cretins in charge of the lame-duck businesses keep their huge bonuses. I personally think he has lost the plot completely.

Speaking of the spineless one, I hope nobody thinks that Energywatch is being scrapped as a concession to the Power Companies' in return for their half-arsed plan to cough up nothing but a little cladding, at some point, for some people, instead of one single penny in windfall tax. Surely even he isn't really that useless. The spineless one really would do well to ask Sarah Palin how she got the energy companies to part with money.

The next local election here in Scotland will see Labour crash to a new low. The politicians of all parties would do well to heed that this is not so much an anti-Labour, anti-Brown vote, it is an anti-being screwed by all politicians vote. If the public could put "none of the above", they would.


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