Monday, September 22, 2008

Minicomics Essay part 3 of 3

Hey there. Joe has posted my final piece on minicomics, part 3 of 3, on the Forbidden Planet International blog. I'm quite pleased with the thing overall because I think it kind of stuck to the theme all the way through. Hopefully it'll help someone, at some point. My thanks to Gerry Mooney, Stik, Jay Nocera, and others.

Up is Down, Down is Up. The Bizarro World of Politics

I decided to give you a cartoon, today. I felt inspired by the sudden desire for Socialism in the US. Of course the Socialism that is being practised is limited, with only the debts of the super-rich being nationalised, and the profits of the super-rich remaining privatised. It's a similar deal over here, with our left-wing Prime Minister Gordon Brown being too ineffectual to slap a windfall tax on the the power companies, unlike the rabid, Right-Wing Vice-Presidential contender, Sarah Palin, who squeezed them by the gonads and ensured a nice little payment for her people. Maybe the Right in the US are very much to the Left of the Left over here. Isn't politics bizarre, and funny? Unless of course you are one of the hundreds of pensioners who will freeze to death in Britain this year. Gordon really is, in the words of Jilted John (Shuttleworth), a moron.

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